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Maine artist and jewelry store owner, Tina Dinsmore of Tina Dinsmore Jewelry, needed a store setup fast before her existing website expired. She also needed to elevate her web store look to get into more elite jewelry shows and exhibits.


We needed to setup Tina Dinsmore Jewelry website's product taxonomy and sales structure to provide a limited number of products fast while giving the store owner the ability to add products herself later without a lot of complexity.


MaggPress came in for two days into Tina's physical Knighville area store. While she worked on custom pieces for an event, we set up everything for her on in a custom theme on Shopify.


Though this was an extreme approach, it was fun, fast and got the job done under a deadline. Tina is now selling her collections online, and she was accepted into those more elite shows this year. Amazing!


Tina Dinsmore

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  • Shopify Custom Theme
  • SEO Work
  • Existing Brand

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