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Revel + spark turns your videos and video clips into professionally edited keepsake films for your family. Receiving and organizing hundreds of videos from clients over the web was going to be a challenge. MaggPress was hired to tackle the design and development of the new startup's client portal and web application.


Ingesting video is complicated. Client users have unlimited types of video files ranging in a multitude of sizes and camera settings. We also needed the app to be useable on all devices, particularly mobile where client kept their videos.


MaggPress planned, wireframed and designed the app with revel's fearless owner, Suzi Piker. We laid out a minimalist design to keep the app user-friendly and clean. We tested with a small user group early to spot potential problems. We used Amazon Web Services to hold the various types of files and data and built the app with the ability to grow.


We built revel's client portal in small sprints and achieved a working prototype and custom design. As revel+spark grew, MaggPress predicted they would need a full-scale engineering team to take their web app to the next level. We handed off the project seamlessly to a development team in Boston so the app could continue to build and grow. It's fantastic to be at the starting line with an entrepreneur who has a dream and amazing new product.


revel + spark

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