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MaggPress LLC, a Portland, Maine based web design and development company organized in 2010. MaggPress owner, Beth Fitzgerald, is an award-winning full stack web developer. She began her career in journalism and ran a successful photo studio for 15+ years. After building a small web start-up, she won a Women Who Code scholarship to Bloc of San Francisco, where she earned a certification in full stack web development. Beth codes and coaches all-things-online, from social strategy to targeted traffic for small businesses. Her team creates, builds and manages web projects for small businesses. Beth is also a mom, a wife, and a dog lover.

I have had 13 showings in the first 16 days of this month. Best month ever ... I signed three contracts from the showings this month and think a fourth one is about to happen ... Needless to say, very happy with the website!

Heidi Curry, William Allen Farm

MaggPress works with several industries including the real estate, tourism, and wedding & events industries as well as creatives. We love smaller startups and entrepreneurs ready to bring a great idea or app to fruition. We've done it before and can help you save time and money.


We specialize in a variety of platforms, but we love Wordpress for businesses in super competitive markets and Ruby on Rails for complex data and apps. We use the tool that best fits your project and budget— thinking and educating you along the way. Not sure where to start? Just call. We love to chat!